About Me:

Hello there...

Hello, I'm Laura and photography is one of my many passions. For me, life is all about the whirlwind of senses that surround me. I love to take everything in and as I do, I attach those senses to memories. Each memory is a different photograph in my mind. Often, these memories can be distorted based on our current reality and that's where my passion for photography comes in. With a photograph, the moment becomes permanent.

My style...

I'm most passionate about colour. I notice it everywhere and I embrace it. If you look around you, the colours are rich and have depth, they have dimension. They're alive. In a photograph, this information can be lost. This is why one of my goals as a photographer is to deliver a photo that is as true as it is seen through our eyes. With a variation of different techniques, I carefully restore the colours and tones to bring out the true richness of our world. I want every photo to come to life. A celebration of our colourful existence.

A little about me...

Photography aside, I love to fill my life with as many experiences as possible, while still finding balance. I've been an avid rock climber, sang in front of an audience and recorded in a studio, I've rescued and rehabilitated animals, I've learned to fly a plane, travelled the United States, the Caribbean and the South Pacific (and I can't wait to travel the world someday!), I've married the love of my life and gave birth to two beautiful girls. I've learned that every day can be so different from the last and to enjoy every moment. Being a mother is by far the most rewarding thing I have ever done with my life. I know to enjoy every moment of every day, because time silently slips away. So for now, my adventures include playing dolls, dancing to "Under the Sea", making forts, cleaning spaghetti sauce off my walls, meditating, and, ever so lovingly holding back the tears while soaking in the pride, as I watch my girls discover their world and develop into the wonderful human beings that they are. We mustn't rush life. Because today only happens once. Tomorrow, it will be a memory. And I have come to realize that these are the best days of my life. Now, if you so wish, I would be honoured to photograph the best day of yours.


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