Celebrating 90 years – Ottawa Family Photography

Sheila-26 WM

This beautiful family welcomed me warmly into their home on a sunny March morning. Inside, I met 3 generations of the family, and ,one very kind man proudly celebrating his 90th birthday in the presence of his children and grand children.

Their kindness instantly made me feel welcome and comfortable.

Sheila-29 WM

Sheila-36 WM Sheila-34 WM

My Favourite part about family sessions is following the children around. They’re always the life of the event. Everyone gathers around them, fascinated by their words and discoveries.

Sheila-47 WM

Sometimes They’ll go for airplane rides or enjoy the thrills of a playful “fall”, to be caught by their mother’s quick and loving arms.


Sheila-45 WM


Sheila-75 WM Sheila-74 WMSheila-50 WM


And sometimes they’ll pick up a guitar and start jamming while singing some Bob Marley, captivating even the littlest of fans.

Sheila-72 WM Sheila-71 WM Sheila-69 WM

Sheila-17 WM


Sometimes they will change into superheroes right in front of your eyes.

Sheila-62 WM Sheila-63 WM

And sometimes they’ll just tell you they have something more important to do elsewhere.


Sheila-73 WM

But what they’re really best at…

Sheila-65 WM

..is making everyone around them smile.

Sheila-85 WM Sheila-100 WM Sheila-21 WM



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